Kina Comunicación

Kina Comunicación

We work on communication, which is what we like. The miracle does not exist, perseverance, effort and a spark of creativity is our recipe.

About Kina Comunicación

Kina Comunicación is a strategic communication and public relations agency specialized in the design, interior design, decoration, architecture and lifestyle sectors. Located in Barcelona, ​​we rigorously develop projects together with a multidisciplinary team, specialists in their disciplines, adapting to the needs of each client.

We work side by side with the marketing, communication or commercial department of the company, or with independent professionals, to achieve communication objectives to achieve communication objectives through research, planning and the execution of those offline or online solutions that best suit and adapt to each project.

These last years, especially 2020, have also been years of inflection for Kina Comunicación, since we have approached new professional sectors such as the industrial, legal and art, thus expanding our capacity to develop projects for other types of companies, services and professional projects. In addition to this, we have created Kina Gallery, a space for any type of events in Petit Comité.

Gemma Graupera

Hello! I am Gemma and I have always liked and been interested in the world of corporate communication and marketing but, above all, public relations because of the option it offers you to seek different and creative actions that connect companies, brands and projects with their target market. 

I was born in Barcelona, where I studied advertising and public relations at Universitat Ramon Llull (Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació Blanquerna). There I finished a Master in Communication Management at EADA and an intensive course of Visual Merchandising and window dressing and styling at Ártidi. However, as the communication sector is always in constant movement, I never stop learning and improving my skills, in order to adapt communication strategies to clients’ project

I started my career in 1995 in communication and public relations in the marketing department of DuPont Automotive. Later on, I worked as events manager at the Marcom3 communication agency, organizing Public Relations events for companies in the technology and IT sector.  In 2001 I moved to Milan to continue developing my experience as account executive at the communication agency GB Studio, managing and coordinating public relations projects for DuPont Textiles & Interiors (fashion sector). I consider this period as a short but intense one. It was definitely a positive experience because I had the opportunity to learn more about the fashion world in a city like Milan. From 2003 to 2008 I worked as head of communication and marketing at SIDI (Selección Internacional de Diseño), developing marketing, communication, press and trade projects at a national and international level.

That same year, I founded Kina Comunicación, a communication and public relations agency that was created to advise companies or professionals with their brand messages, and helping them achieve their desired notoriety and positioning, all this through different marketing and communication actions

If you need support or guidance with your communication or digital marketing project, do not hesitate to contact me! I will be more than happy to help you.

Customers opinions

What clients say about Kina Comunicación

“Kina Comunicación is not only a communication agency that takes care of every last detail, but it is experience, collaboration and strategy in order to communicate to the press and clients in a coherent and different way. Above all, I would underline the collaboration we have always had with Gemma, who has always empathized with us, thinking about the result of the project.”

“It was a real pleasure working with Kina Comunicación for the Communication and Public Relations project for the opening of Gabriel’s showroom in Barcelona. Gemma knew how to connect immediately with the people and values of our company. Her deep knowledge of the market and the most suitable media were key to achieving the visibility we were looking for our brand. Her professionalism and attention to detail allowed her to meet deadlines and contributed to the end result being a success.”

“Working with Kina Comunicación is very comfortable and efficient, since given its flexibility, market knowledge and disposition, it always adapts to the needs of each moment and of each client. On the other hand, the cost is always affordable and proportional to the return. Regarding the treatment, Gemma is very close, persevering and always seeks the best for the client.”

“Working with Gemma has been very easy and enjoyable. He answers very quickly, a fact that facilitates communication and speeds up the work process. She transmits confidence and professionalism and has experience and knowledge of the habitat-contract sector, which we needed from SullàStudio, and this is reflected in her language and communication strategies. She understood the needs of our project very quickly and has been able to solve them with rigor and professionalism. The experience working with Kina Comunicación has been very positive and we will certainly repeat on future occasions.”

“We are delighted to have relied on Kina Comunicación for our project, Gemma advised us and achieved the goals we set for ourselves thanks to her tenacity and professionalism. We will continue to work with her in the future..”