Kina Comunicación

Digital Marketing

Through a strategy with different online communication tools, we promote the notoriety of the company.

We act as an external communication agency supporting the communication and marketing or commercial departments of the company, to develop digital marketing (social networks, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, geolocation, multimedia, etc.) with the aim that you are able to socialize with your public in a closer way.


- Digital analysis (data traffic, performance).

- Brand strategy report for social networks.

- Development of the digital marketing plan.

- Development of the social media plan (Social media platforms, blog, digital magazines, news)

- Development of the style guides for online communication.

- Planning the different tools.

- AWeb audit (performance optimization, SEO Onpage, web architecture ...)

- SEO consulting to improve the organic positioning (analysis and definition of keywords, Copy SEO).

- SEM consulting

Content creation

- Conceptualization and the creation of corporate content (content curator): web pages, social networks, newsletter, email, corporate dossiers.

- Planning, writing and updating blogs, social networks, newsletters, email marketing, ebooks, videos, presentaciones, etc.

- Development of the editorial plan for the digital tools.

- Monitoring and reporting KPI 's of the different platforms.

- Implementation of the digital strategy.

- Implementation of the brand strategy in social networks.

Public Relations

- Strategy of the ideal channels.

- Defining the brand prescripers, influencers and brand ambassadors.

- Publishing content in blogs and websites.