Kina Comunicación

Communication Strategy

In order to start communicating, every project should first set its specific objectives as well as, have a clear purpose. We make sure to help you find the best strategy to generate brand awareness.

As strategic communications consultants, we determine what is meant to be communicated, to whom it is directed towards, and how it will be done. We take into account and value the most important aspects of your project, in order to be able to attract different target markets.

Each brand has its own personality, audience and way of communicating and therefore, we believe it must find its space to differentiate itself from its competition.

  • Communication audit: Through several meetings we develop a strategic plan for your company, and also propose various actions to create a personal communication style which would align with the values ​​and mission of the company.
  • We prepare the communication plan taking into account the current and desired positioning of the brand, as well as the commercial and marketing objectives.
    • We analyze the environment of the brand: company ‘s product / service, market, its target market, competition.
    • We establish the most suitable positioning.
    • We define the strategy to achieve the objectives set.
    • We propose different actions to achieve the desired goals, adapting our plan to the budget of each project.
    • We execute the actions proposed in the communication plan (corporate image development, event organization, online communication, press office, etc.)

The communication plan is a tool that helps us determine the communication strategy, the guidelines to follow an action, and the way to interact with the public (clients, suppliers, media, opinion leaders, associations, institutions and the society in general).

  • We advise on internal and external communication.
  • We offer a follow-up of the general communication project, guiding the communication actions to be developed.
  • We carry out benchmarking studies (competitive analysis).
  • We carry out brand strategy studies for positioning.

Consulting options

Each project is different and depending on the moment it is in, it has different needs, which is why, from Kina Comunicación, we offer you three consulting options so that you can choose:


We determine the most suitable positioning for the company by analyzing the environment. We make a document that is the basis and will act as a guide for any action that you want to carry out a posteriori and, so that any of the future actions transmit a unique position.

- Analysis of the brand environment.
- We establish the positioning.
- We define the strategy.
- We propose different actions.
- We prepare the calendar of actions.


We determine the most appropriate positioning for the company by analyzing the environment, but it is prepared in a shorter and more summarized document that includes:

- Brief analysis of brand communication.
- Brief analysis of the brand environment to determine the positioning.
- Proposal of some actions..

Brief Consulting

Through an online meeting of about 90 min. We will do an analysis of the current situation of your brand communication and the possible options to improve positioning and notoriety. During the meeting we will talk about:

- Project analysis.
- Basic analysis of the competition.
- Development of objectives.
- Approach to the communication strategy.
- We define the possible communication channels.

After the work done during this meeting, you will have a basis to develop the communication strategy and select the actions to be carried out in each communication channel.