Kina Comunicación


We help you make your project visible by looking for the differential point.

At Kina Comunicación, as a communication and public relations agency specialized in the sectors of design, decoration, interior design, architecture and lifestyles, we advise you on the design and execution of online and offline communication strategies to achieve the visibility of your project, reach your target audience or simply create actions that distinguish you and increase diffusion and notoriety.

Communication Strategy

In order to start communicating, every project should first set its specific objectives as well as, have a clear purpose. We make sure to help you find the best strategy to generate brand awareness.

Ditigal Marketing

Online communication helps us to spread the message, values or culture of a company. Valuable and interesting content for the audience is disseminated through different platforms, in addition to generating conversations and achieving interactions between the company and its audiences.

Public Relations

We must seek originality in the dissemination and presentation of our messages, but without departing from the main objective, bringing the brand closer to its audiences and thus, generating successful two-way relationships.

Press and Advertising

Communication must convey an emotion, a feeling that provokes a reaction. We use the press office or advertising inserts, national or international, to establish closer relations between the company and the media and generate a continuous line of communication.