Kina Comunicación

Public Relations

Through the different tools we use, we are able to improve relationships between the company and its audiences to generate trust and positive opinions. Our purpose is to ensure that your brand and your products connect with your audience, therefore, at Kina Comunicación we look for a way to do so in a creative and different way, thus always maintaining coherence with the company's values.

We make strategic planning of the project to advise on identity, image and brand reputation, in the design and management of an internal communication program, in the digital field or in the production of events.

Public Relations Actions

- We come up with punctual actions or within a global strategy.

- e maintain a relationship with specialized and general media.

- We seek alliances and synergies with complementary brands.

- Organization and production of events: conception, planning and coordination of all kinds of events according to needs.
- Inaugurations.
- Product presentations.
- Open Days.
- Conferences .
- Conferences .
- Road-shows.
- Team buildings.
- Exhibitions.
- Trade fairs.
- Press day.

- Organization of face-to-face meetings: meetings between the company, prescribers, clients, institutions.

- Business incentives: trips, gifts, meetings, etc.

- Location of spaces for events and coordination of suppliers: rooms, catering, music, flowers, graphics, videos.

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