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The current challenges of communication

 Read, listen, look, think, analyze, reflect, write and rewrite to propose.

We started February 2021 confined but, the changing agenda to which we have been subjected for practically a year, although exhausting, continues to impose its rhythm and, working from home, even though it is not the best but definitely a solution.

With this situation right at the beginning of the shortest month of the year, I am inspired to write this text about a world that I am passionate about, and that for a few years has been in constant change (although 2020 takes the lead for the technological revolution that we are experiencing). 

One of the biggest and current challenges for professionals who are dedicated to #communication, is to make communication highly effective considering the moment in which we are creating and building strategies with a high capacity to adapt. The moment asks us to be agile, dynamic and analytical, paying close attention to all the changes, through good management, collaboration with the client and an assessment at the end to achieve positive results.

Creating strategies that combine both offline and online communication, that bring us closer to the target audience and transmit messages through these new communication channels and formats, is our job and a daily challenge.

Kina Comunicación is dedicated to creating strategies to generate notoriety for any project – whether it is large, medium or small – to spread the message to the internal, external and mixed audiences of a brand and, consequently, build reputation. Before tackling a new project, it is important to first establish with the client some bases that will determine the implementation of any communication strategy or action:

  • Establishing the right objectives.
  • Have clear value proposition.
  • Getting to know the characteristics of your consumer or potential consumer.
  • Define the purpose. Because without a purpose as a fundamental axis, the communication and marketing strategy will be difficult to translate into each and every one of the channels we choose.


We must stop and look back, and establish the message that we want to convey to our clients; the values ​​that the brand portrays; well-defined objectives and, above all, the financial capacity to reach the goal that the client has set. Once we collect all this previous information mentioned (which is necessary in any project), we will be able as consultants to establish a strategy for the brand.




Now more than ever we must connect with our customers and interact with them on the right platforms. Not all companies and their brands need to be in each social media platform nor should they do the same as their competitors.  Not all brands need to be or should be in each and every one of the social networks, do the same as their most direct competition since, each one must find their style, their message and their way of communicating, only in this way will they be able to stand out among the rest and get the attention of the target audience. This is definitely not an easy thing to do. Today, with the amount of messages and inputs that we constantly receive through traditional channels (which we have to keep considering) and the hybrid events to which we have had to adapt. Above all however, considering the messages that reach us on channels such as reels, influencers, the increasingly important podcasts or Instagram stories.

Communicating today requires an individual, business and brand to be agile, dynamic, and to analyze the data that changes after the implementation of a communication strategy. 

The task for those who are dedicated to communication (like us), is to help our clients to get the desired notoriety, and make it relevant in their markets. We must build strategies that combine online / offline communication, marketing or advertising to build a coherent and effective storytelling that is diffused through our own, organically generated or paid content.

At Kina Comunicación we have always worked so that the client considers us their ally, their specialized partner and not just another supplier. 2021 is a year in which “change” will be defined and in this context, the discipline of public relations is a rising value since it is a form of communication closely linked to creativity, in which flexibility and strategic vision stands out strongly.

We will be able to create great content if we not only start off by having realistic rigourous, honest and effective communication, but also if we come up with strategies that will eventually reach the objectives of a company, brand or individual. 

See you soon!

Gemma Graupera | Kina Comunicación Director


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